Need Help?
Know someone who needs help in Penn Wynne?
Want to safely help your neighbors during this crisis?

We are a network of Penn Wynne neighbors helping to connect neighborhood needs with neighborhood resources and helpers during the coronavirus crisis.

  • If you need groceries or prescription drugs picked up, or other simple errands
  • If you need help picking up free school lunches
  • If you need food and can’t pay for it
  • If you are lonely and need a friendly phone call

If you are okay, please check-in and let us know!

Call our local help line: 484-362-1322.


or contact us online:

About us

We are neighbors volunteering to help neighbors with the support of these local institutions:
Penn Wynne Civic Association
Chabad of Penn Wynne
Penn Wynne Presbyterian Church
St. Marks Armenian Catholic Church
Congregation Beth Hamedrosh
Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El
Church of the Holy Apostles
…Add your local institution or stakeholder

Reverend James Stambaugh, Rector – Church of the Holy Apostles,
Director – Penn Wynne Neighbor Care, director@pwncare.org
Angela Cato Laramee, Member of the Board – Penn Wynne Civic Association
Coordinator- Penn Wynne Neighbor Care, admin@pwncare.org

How You Can Help

Run Errands

Sick, at-risk, and home-bound neighbors will need people to pick up simple groceries and prescriptions. People who run errands must not have a high risk of health complications.

Answer the Phone

You can volunteer to answer the help line and work to connect neighbors with what they need.


Our neighborhood is full of talented people who can offer any number of resources we haven’t thought of. Contact us and let us know how you can help.